Wash any removable parts of your car. Any parts of your car that can be removed should be washed in a washing machine. This will get the dog smell out, and leave your car smelling fresher.
Rubber mats, car seat covers, and any blankets you keep for your dog can be removed and washed.
Use a cool temperature to be safe when washing parts of your car. You may also want to use a gentle cycle.
Make sure to read the label before washing parts of your car. There may be special instructions to keep in mind.

Vacuum your car. You should do this on a regular basis. Dog hair in your car can cause a troublesome doggy odor. If you have a handheld vacuum, you can use that. You can also use your vacuums upholstery attachment. If you don’t have a vacuum, most car washes have a vacuum you can use for a fee.

Scrub down hard surfaces with a multi-purpose cleaning spray. Things like the dashboard, and buttons can be cleaned with a multi-purpose cleaning spray. You can find a spray at a grocery or department store. You can also use a spray you have in your kitchen.
Use the spray on a small portion of your car first. Watch to see if the spray dries without causing any damage.
If the spray seems to be safe for your car, go ahead and spray down and clean the hard surfaces in the interior.

Clean the car with carpet cleaner. Rent a wet/dry vacuum to apply carpet cleaner. This will remove set in smells from the fabric in your car. Make sure to test the carpet cleaner on a small portion of your car’s fabric before using it on the entire floor.
Once you know the cleaner is safe, spray down the floor and seats with a layer of carpet cleaner. If you’re unsure of how much to use, refer to the instructions on your bottle.
Once the carpeting is covered in cleaner, suck up the cleaner with the wet/dry vac. Your car should smell significantly better.